The mobility platform for complex, business-critical procedures with high requirements 


PreCom is a scalable mobility platform that is optimized to fit our customers’ business procedures while being based on a standard system.

Our PreCom Mobility Platform is a powerful and customized IT support system that is optimized for business-critical work procedures carried out by a mobile workforce. The procedures are often complex, information-heavy and time critical, with high requirements for usability and communication with backend systems and major impact on business efficiency, customer services and competitiveness. Future-proof mobile IT support is key to efficiency, customer services and competitiveness.

Our solutions have primarily been optimized for operations within postal and logistics, field services and security and surveillance. All our customers have one thing in common: They have business-critical mobile work procedures and many users.

PreCom - so much more than just an app

A mobility solution for technicians, security guards and drivers must be powerful. A regular app is not enough to meet the requirements for usability, complex work procedures, integration with backend and ERP systems, customer-unique features and real-time feedback.

At PocketMobile, we combine our extensive experience in business-critical mobile system solutions based on the newest smartphone and tablet technology with our knowledge of how mobility solutions integrate with ERP and backend systems. We have gathered all these things into PreCom, our mobility platform and application library.

PreCom – optimized for the users, the business and the IT department

Different parts of your operations often have different requirements for their mobility solutions; requirements that may be hard to combine. The business wants to optimize the solution with regard to specific work procedures and customer requirements, with benefits to the business foremost. The IT department wants standardization, to keep the cost of implementation and management as low as possible. The solution must be future-proof and capable of managing continuous technological improvements and accommodating new mobile operating systems and devices.

Thanks to its flexible modular architecture, a PreCom solution can be fully optimized for your operations, your users and your work procedures, and yet benefit from the advantages of a standardized product.

Any adaptations to PreCom are kept separate from the product and can be kept to a minimum. An optimized solution based on PreCom consists of a standard platform, standard application modules and your own adaptations as a top layer. Three layers – two of which are standard.



PreCom Platform

The PreCom Platform is used in all mobility solutions from PocketMobile. It is a client-server solution with all the general functionality required in a business-critical mobility system.

  • Smartphones, tablets and laptops are supported.
  • A shared server and architecture for several parallel applications, clients, mobile operating systems and devices.
  • Simple integration with one or more backend systems
  • Synchronization of information between the user and the system, online or after work in offline mode.
  • Security, high performance and scalability.
  • A joint, modular architecture for the development of new features.

Quite simply, the PreCom Platform is based on a unique, module-based mobility framework for efficient development and maintenance of server and client modules. Each PreCom module, customer module and all adaptations are based on the same platform, which ensures high reusability and upgradeability. The PreCom platform encapsulates communications, security, hardware, storage, settings, logs and much more.

The PreCom Server is the hub of all mobile extensions of backend systems and third-party applications. PreCom Server handles all communications and the synchronization of data and complex business objects between mobile clients and integrated systems. A PreCom server handles tens of thousands of clients and millions of transactions each day, with high performance, security and availability.

PreCom application library

The PreCom application library is a wide range of standardized application modules aimed at applications within services, transportation, logistics and security. The modules can be adapted to specific requirements, such as the optimization to suit a specific work procedure, without any need to change the module itself. New versions can be introduced without affecting the rest of the solution.

The modules cover several roles, such as planners, mobile workforce such as service technicians, subcontractors and system administrators. Common functions include:

  • Resource planning, dispatching and optimization
  • Work order flow with reporting and data collection
  • Team and colleague collaboration
  • Document management, editing and distribution
  • End user support functionality
  • Dynamic forms and control functions

You can use our user-friendly, optimized work procedures as starting points and adapt them to suit your own unique procedures. Our interfaces and workflows are easy to reuse and maintain. They are user-friendly and adaptable and offer you the opportunity to strengthen your brand in the mobility solutions.

This ensures scalable, robust and highly reliable systems. With the PreCom application library, you get flexibility, simplicity and smoothness in systems development and maintenance. You get the benefits of an optimized, customer-adapted solution without the high costs of development and maintenance. In other words: a lot of system for a small investment.



Today, PocketMobile has national and international partners, with over 150 PreCom certified developers.

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